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Sorting thru the photos

My photo library recently hit over 400gb of photos. I’m not worried about the space itself, I’ve got plenty of room. But, that many photos is more then will ever be looked at. Also, when looking into it, my family has been averaging 16,000 photos a year….

So I decided to force my self to go thru them and cut it down.

1. I created an album of all the photos for each year.
2. Make a first pass, deleting for permanent any of the ones that are way too blurry, misaligned, screenshots of junk, ect. These are photos I’d be rating 1 star of 5.
3. I exported an original copy of all the photos for the year, compressed them and put it in deep storage. (That way incase I do delete something the wife is upset at.)
4. Now that they are backed up, I prune. Delete all the 2-3 stars unless they are unique of a shot. Here I’m really looking to clear away the photos that are 10 shots of Sam coming down a slide, where most are technically fine, but I only really need 2 at most.
5. Remove the good ones from the album I’m working on. They are still in the library, but I take them out of the album so I’m not scrolling thru the good ones very time.
6. Set realistic goals. So far I’ve been working on 2017 for the last 4 days, averaging about 1000 photos a night. I’ve looked at over 4000 photos, and deleted about 3,000.

The big benefit is I’m actually loving a lot of photos I never really had time to look at before.