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RoE Cube #4: Priceless Treasures

Zendikar… a plane full of untold treasures and unspeakable dangers.  The eldritch horrors know as the Eldrazi have risen and you need  every possible advantage.

each pack of Eldrazi cube comes with one of the following artifacts:

  • Adaptive Automaton
    Elves, Merfolk, or Eldrazi spawn, doesn’t matter; this construct is really good at breaking ground stalemates.
  • Aether Vial
    Best deck: levelers.  Lets you dump your mana into leveling your existing creatures while still playing more.  Bonus: Vial in a Venerated Teacher at instant speed during combat.
  • Al-abaras Carpet
    Go UW fliers. P1P1 this.  Take every flier you see.
  • Amber Prison
    Just because the Eldrazi are older then the Multiverse, doesn’t mean that what stopped the Dinosaurs cannot stop them.
  • Amulet of UnmakingA 10 mana removal spell, yes.  One of the only ways to deal with an opposing Ulamog or Emrakul? Also yes.
  • Ankh of Mishra
    The anti-landfall card of a sorts.  Both ramp and landfall are going to be relying on lots of land.
  • Anvil of BogardianCard selection is always good, looting as colorless in a hard to kill form is even better.  But best yet in a format with ways to recycle your graveyard.
  • Argentum Armor Chrome Mox 

    If you exile a colorless card, like an eldrazi, this produces no mana.

  • Dingus Staff
    This does include all the Eldrazi Spawn that are sacrificed for mana.
  • Helm of Chatzuk
    I’m saying right now, I refuse to answer rulings about banding so you all need to read the rules now. 😉
  • Howling Mine Jandors Ring Jinxed Ring
    You will take 1 damage from the creature you sacrifice to give this away…. Unless you sacrifice a creature token.Ring of Renewal
    Discarding a card is part of the effect, not the cost, so if you have an empty hand to begin with you just draw 2 cards.
  • Solemn Simulacrum Sword of the Animist Wand of the Elements
    In most limited formats 17 land is right.  In Zen and RoE 18 was often a good number.  Getting land flooded is usually not an issue, because you have enough mana dumps.Zuran Orb Mox Emerald Mox Jet Mox Pearl Mox Ruby Mox Sapphire