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Oct Cube: Trek’s Deck

Trek’s Deck – 1/1

Green white counter madness!



Testing cards:

Smothering Abomination, Marath, Jenara

Smothering Abomination I ended up not playing becasue he wsan’t in the colors I ended.  He was an early pick before I decided.

Jenara also ended up not getting played due to not being Blue.  At the end, she wasn’t a strong enough reason to splash.

Marath on the other hand *was* a strong enough reason… and I never drew hm in 5 games.  Sigh.


I ended up a GW Counter deck, which is good.  I was wondering if the new theme I added would be strong enough to hang with the rest in cube.   I’m not 100% sure it is, but when it worked, it really worked.

Highlight of the night was T5 Doubling Season, T6 Ajani, Mentor and immediately popping his ultimate to go to 112 life.

The outlast lords performed exactly as I wanted them to, turning my team into slivers.


There were 5 cards in my draft that I would say are very likely to not make it back:

Hallowed Spiritkeeper: He’s strong, and yet never seems to make it into the deck for anyone.

Daghatar the Adamant: I was playing the exact deck that wants him, and the 4 drop slot was too crowded AND his ability isn’t that amazing.

Herald of War: Like Dag this was the deck for her and yet she was outclasses. The cost reduction isnt that good.

Avatar of the Resolute:  GG is too hard of a casting cost early, and you really want him late to get lots of counters, but… boring

Renegade Krasis: with all the +1 counters flying around, Ren never evolved, thus never activating.