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November Cube: planeswalkers culling

Aggro – Midrange – Control. Those are the 3 overall archetypes in most limited Magic formats.

Supporting Aggro in Cube is always very hard, and 1 aspect I’m looking at for the next update is the number of planeswalkers.  Last time, there were over 30 planeswalkers on the cube, letting people have an average of 3 per deck.  This is very tilted towards midrange and control by the incremental advantage nature of the card type.

I have decided to make drastic cuts in the pw.

  • 1 per color, color pair, and colorless.
  • 1 per PW name. (Only one Jace, Sarkhan, ect).  An exception is being made for Ajani as he is the only RW and GW for the moment.

The list: