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Nov Cube: Draft By Draft – Chris H.

So, usually I’ll be posting this before the persons decklist, so you can see the decisions before the final product.  (Or do you prefer it this way?)

I’ll be adding inline comments, and if you have any comments of your own, especially if you’re the drafter, please comment.

(Also comment if I missed a card.)

Final note: In the draft, we used the Enemy Tango lands.  Since they actually are not out yet, I had to use the enemy painlands in the simulator.

Pack 1 pick 1:

Chris’ Pick:

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Pack 1 pick 2:

Chris’ Pick:

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Pack 1 pick 3:

Chris’ Pick:

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Pack 1 pick 4:

Chris’ Pick:

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Pack 1 pick 5:

Chris’ Pick:

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Pack 1 pick 6:

Chris’ Pick:

  • Ian: I’m picking what I would have picked, then scrolling down to see if it matches. I would totally have done Ainok Bond Kin here.

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Pack 1 pick 7:

Chris’ Pick:

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Pack 1 pick 8:

Chris’ Pick:

  • Ian: Abzan Battle Priest

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Pack 1 pick 9:

Chris’ Pick:

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Pack 1 pick 10:

Chris’ Pick:

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Pack 1 pick 11:

Chris’ Pick:

  • Ian: Cenn’s Tactician

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Pack 1 pick 12:

Chris’ Pick:

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Pack 1 pick 13:

Chris’ Pick:

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Pack 1 pick 14:

Chris’ Pick:

  • Ian: At the end there (assuming it was still there) I’d have taken the tusk guard captain over whatever red he took. I might not have devices to splash green, but if I did, it would have played with the white outlast.

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Pack 1 pick 15:

Chris’ Pick:

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Pack 1 Recap:

  1. Mox Sapphire
  2. Condemn
  3. Phantasmal Image
  4. Abzan Falconer
  5. Cathars’ Crusade
  6. Mana Leak
  7. Silverblade Paladin
  8. Righteous Confluence
  9. Elite Scaleguard
  10. Tundra
  11. Cenn’s Tactician
  12. Steel Overseer
  13. Chain Lightning
  14. Monastery Swiftspear
  15. Isolated Chapel

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Pack 2 pick 1:

Chris’ Pick:

Trek: My previous commentary about Blue aside, Drake is the best card in the pack for you.  At least with Player 8 likely in Blue as well, Player 2 will be cut from Blue entirely this pack, letting you get some good Blue cards in Pack 3.

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Pack 2 pick 2:

Chris’ Pick:

  • Trek: I think a good case could be made for Dragonlord Ojutai, since you are pretty much UW already. Clever Impersonator would also fit your deck well.
  • Ian:I feel like dragon lord. Or maybe hero.
  • Ian:He went with hero. I also considered impersonator.

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Pack 2 pick 3:

Chris’ Pick:

  • Trek: I had to look back and see what instants you had already taken. Turns out Condemn and Mana Leak. That makes this a decent choice.
  • Ian: Endless horizon or adaptive automation?

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Pack 2 pick 4:

Chris’ Pick:

  • Trek: Objectively the strongest card in the pack, and works nicely with P1P4.
  • Ian: Next I’d probably do Gifts Ungiven…

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Pack 2 pick 5:

Chris’ Pick:

  • Trek: Not bad, but what were you hoping to ramp into with it?  I might have taken Noyen and laughed maniacally if I got him + scepter out.
  • Ian: Noyan Dar looks powerful but could be double edged. I’d do thran Dynamo probably

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Pack 2 pick 6:

Chris’ Pick:

  • Trek: Agreed.
  • Ian: Then I’d probably over cautious and take glacial Fortress.

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Pack 2 pick 7:

Chris’ Pick:

  • Trek: I would have done Feat of Resistance myself.  Amazing combat trick, and it you can stick it on Scepter, can you ever lose combat again?
  • Ian: Next probably Sword of the animist or feat of resistance. Basalt monolith is interesting, but it seems more like “add to a constructed deck when I notice I tend to waste mana” than “draft”

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Pack 2 pick 8:

Chris’ Pick:

  • Trek: Top for digging or O-Ring for universal removal?
  • Ian: Flooded Strand or Oblivion Ring

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Pack 2 pick 9:

Chris’ Pick:

  • Ian: Entreat the Angels (esp if I have basalt monolith from before) or Marath, just because Marath. Not a lot here.

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Pack 2 pick 10:

Chris’ Pick:

  • Trek: A 10/10 for 5…. You did maindeck it.  Did it ever hit the board and how was it?
  • Ian: Then lurking automaton as the only thing  that is not off color
  • Ian: Holy cow, I just read that description. (Lurking Automaton)

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Pack 2 pick 11:

Chris’ Pick:

  • Ian:And then we are back to this pack again. I’m still going with adaptive or endless
  • Ian:Wait, why Mardu? All the things are soldiers, not warriors. I went back and looked.

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Pack 2 pick 12:

Chris’ Pick:

  • Ian: Porcelain Légionnaire is the only thing on color.

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Pack 2 pick 13:

Chris’ Pick:

  • Ian: Here comes dragon hunter again. He’s a warrior. Take him.

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Pack 2 pick 14:

Chris’ Pick:

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Pack 2 pick 15:

Chris’ Pick:

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Pack 2 recap:

  1. Gilded Drake
  2. Hero of Bladehold
  3. Isochron Scepter
  4. Swords to Plowshares
  5. Thran Dynamo
  6. Mulldrifter
  7. Sword of the Animist
  8. Sensei’s Divining Top
  9. Entreat the Angels
  10. Lurking Automaton
  11. Mardu Woe-reaper
  12. Porcelain Legionnaire
  13. Thrummingbird
  14. Ludevic’s Test Subject
  15. Bonded Construct

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Pack 3 pick 1:

Chris’ Pick:

  • Trek: The hammer’s always a solid choice.   One of the best designed equipments, I think.
  • Ian: Long shot squad, champ parish, or OJourney…
  • Ian: I lean otherworldly journey, he goes with Warhammer 40K
  • Ian: Which I seem to remember getting pounded with, so I guess that works.

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Pack 3 pick 2:

Chris’ Pick:

  • Trek: At this point you already have 14-15 playable creatures. I would have focused on mana fixing lands. I would have taken Marsh Flats.
  • Ian: Next pack starts with soldier of the pantheon, and I’m having trouble even looking at the rest of the pack…
  • Trek: I missed mentioning Citadel Siege here.  that thing wins games
  • Ian: Yeah, that. Coalition relic.

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Pack 3 pick 3:

Chris’ Pick:

  • Trek: On the other hand, Anafenza is solid enough that the fetch is passable.
  • Ian: Anafenza or Sphinx… Or lotus bloom

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Pack 3 pick 4:

Chris’ Pick:

  • Trek: I love a good clone.  Did you ever Ninja it in?
  • Ian: Nothing at 3/4 I really like. Uhm. Daze?
  • Ian: Ok I think I see the benefit of the ninja

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Pack 3 pick 5:

Chris’ Pick:

  • Ian: Maybe Mikaeus next

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Pack 3 pick 6:

Chris’ Pick:

  • Ian: Then Brimaz

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Pack 3 pick 7:

Chris’ Pick:

  • Ian: Baneslayer, no question.

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Pack 3 pick 8:

Chris’ Pick:

  • Ian: Imposing sovereign

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Pack 3 pick 9:

Chris’ Pick:

  • Trek: Here again, I would say you have more then enough creatures, and a blink effect with upside that you can put on a Scepter isn’t bad.
  • Ian: And back to this pack, where I *still* lean towards otherworldly journey.
  • Ian:Nope, he goes with my second choice, champion
  • Ian: I will point out he finished better than I did. Better than you?
  • Trek: He and I tied 2-1

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Pack 3 pick 10:

Chris’ Pick:

  • Trek: You got lucky and the Marsh Flats wheeled, but you took a card you knew you wouldn’t play over it.  Mana fixing is good.  I know you weren’t playing Black, but T1 Flats gets you your Tundra.  Worst case, it gets you  a Plains.   Off-color Fetches are very playable.
  • Ian: Next I’m going with temple garden or marsh flat, depending on if I’ve splashed black or green. 
  • Ian: If neither, probably marsh flat

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Pack 3 pick 11:

Chris’ Pick:

  • Ian: Kalemne’s Captain maybe?

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Pack 3 pick 12:

Chris’ Pick:

  • Ian: Breeding Pool

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Pack 3 pick 13:

Chris’ Pick:

  • Trek: See my commentary for Pack 3, Pick 10.  Gigantoplasm is better then Smothering Abomination for your deck, but you ended up not playing it either.
  • Ian: Arid Mesa

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Pack 3 pick 14:

Chris’ Pick:

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Pack 3 pick 15:

Chris’ Pick:

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Pack 3 Recap:

  1. Loxodon Warhammer
  2. Soldier of the Pantheon
  3. Anafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit
  4. Sakashima’s Student
  5. Mikaeus, the Lunarch
  6. Brimaz, King of oreskos
  7. Baneslayer Angel
  8. Imposing Sovereign
  9. Champion of the Parish
  10. Smothering Abomination
  11. Cloudfin Raptor
  12. Joraga treespeaker
  13. Gigantoplasm
  14. Drana, liberator of Malakir
  15. yavimaya coast

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I hope this was an entertaining look at the draft.   I hope that when mine goes up, there’s plenty of good commentary on it to help me improve.

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