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Modern Daily Event, July 3rd

Once again, I entered the fray with my trusty, combo-y, UG infect deck.  

(link to last post with deck list)

Round 1 – Affinity.

Hi quality video of Round 1, game 1.

Affinity is, like my deck, an aggro deck that can be almost combo in it’s speed.  If it gets the nuts draw, there is little you can do to stop it.

I lose the roll, opponent goes first.

My hand: (7)
Blighted Agent
Noble Hierarch
Primal Bellow
Mutagenic Growth
Misty Rainforest

I kept it.

Opponent turn 1: Blinkmoth Nexus , Ornithopter, Memnite, Signal Pest.

My 1: (Italic = card drawn) Mutagenic Growth, Breeding Pool, Noble Hierarch. (18-20)

Opponent turn 2: Inkmoth Nexus, Archbound Ravager, swing. (14-20)

My 2: Inkmoth Nexus, Blighted Agent.

Opponent turn 3: Darksteel Citadel, Signal Pest.   Animate the Blinkmoth, swing.  (7-20)

My 3: Gitaxian Probe. Hmm.  I pay 2 life (5-20), all he has is a Valut Skirge.  Inkmoth Nexus.

I swing with my Agent, he gets the pump from Noble, a Groundswell and 2 growths later, that’s 10 infect.

Sideboard: Obviously this was a best case scenario.  I had the “combo”, they had no disruption, and it was a turn 3 kill.  On the other hand, the growths at the end left me at 1 life.  If I didn’t kill this turn, I was dead the next.

In: 3 Creeping Corrosion, out 1 probe, 2 Sleight of Hand.

Round 1, Game 2

Not too much to type for this one.  He had a strong (but not insane) draw, I kept a 2 land hand (usually enough) in part because of the creeping corrosion, but never got to play it.

Round 1, Game 3

I’m on the play.

Opening hand: (7)
Ichorclaw Myr
Mutagenic Growth
Vines of Vastwood
Misty Rainforest

Mull to:

Not better: (6)
Vines of Vastwood
Primal Bellow
Take 3: (5)
Ichorclaw Myr
Verdant Catacombs
Vines of Vastwood
Inkmoth Nexus

My 1: Inkmoth Nexus, go.

Opponent turn 1: Darksteel Citadel, Signal Pest, Welding Jar

My 2: Dismember, Catacombs>Breeding Pool (17-20), Ichorclaw Myr

Opponent turn 2: Blinkmoth Nexus, Steel Overseer

My 3: Primal Bellow, Rancor on the Myr, swing.
Overseer blocks, Myr becomes a 5/3 trample.
He sacs the jar to regenerate.  I think for a second, and take 4 to dismember the overseer.  In retrospect, I’m not sure if this was a misplay for me or not.   I got 1 more poison on him, but the overseer would have died end of turn regardless because -1 counters don’t care about regenerating. (which we both forgot.)


Opponent turn 3: Island, Master of Etherium, swing the pest.  (12-20{5})

My 4: Rancor, I swing Myr.  He blocks with the master, I pump with a Primal Bellow so Myr lives, he goes to 8 poison.

Opponent turn 4: Springleaf Drum, Steel Overseer.

My 5: Apostle’s Blessing.

He has to have a trick, or he’s dead.  I swing and he doesn’t block, he dies.  If he does block, the myr+rancor he still dies.

I swing. I Apostle’s blessing so he can’t block.  He galvanic blasts in response, but I still have Vines to save me.

End of round 1:   1-0. (2-1 in games)

Round 2

Honestly, rather boring game.  My opponent was BG.
Game 1 he taps out on turn 2 for Dark Confidant,  I have a blessing to make my elf unblock able, and the pumps to make him a 10/10 on turn 3.

Game 2 I kept a stupid 1 land because I had the perfect pumps.  He got color screwed with 2 Treetop Villages, starts pounding me with 2 Tarmogoyfs.  I dismember 1, drop a blighted agent a pump to victory.

I was down to 1 life at the end (again).  If my opponent had black there was a slaughter pact I would have had to play around after probing him, but he didn’t, I didn’t.

End of round 2:   2-0. (4-1 in games)

Round 3: UR Storm/Pyromancer Ascension

Game 1:

So, were I lose the game because I’m an idiot is about turn 3.  I had lethal if I played the Rancor.  I even did the math.  I just, dunno, thought Rancor was a pump spell and clicked attack.  I got deservedly stormed the following turn.

Game 2: (Video is both games 2 & 3)

He trades burn spells for my early creatures, trees grapeshot for 4 to wipe by elf off and ping me, but I used Apostle’s blessing to keep it alive.  Then I take the elf to infect city, and he can’t burn me.  I play it cautious though, holding 2 Spell Pierces just in case.

Game 3:

He lands Pyromancer’s ascension turn 2, then turn 3 I animate my Inkmoth, pump and win.

Round 3: 3-0 (6-2 in games)

Round 4: Burn

Ah, burn.  My worst matchup. There’s not much to watch or write. (And not because I lost.)  Either then kill everything I play, or I manage to protect 1 and combo off.

End result: 3-1, (7-4)