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meta:Holiday Cube recap

As I’m halfway through the draft lists, and as I’m done with the deck lists even though they haven’t been posted, it’s pretty clear that most of the uncross were late picks, or didn’t get played.

I’m ok with that for a few reasons. It means that the main cube is in a pretty good place.

The draft converter I’ve been using for converting my spreadsheet into images doesn’t like the holiday cards because wizards refuses to include them in Gatherer for some reason, so I’m ok with not having a reason to keep typing them manually.

What un-cards did you all see and play with that you would like to keep around?

The most likely candidates are, of course, Booster Tutor and Stocking Tiger, even if I have to replace it with Stalking Tiger in the draft recaps.

Next month shows a good probability of 12 players, so two pods of 6 and then a top 2 playoff. (One other advantage is that I could fire the 2 pods off at different times, so one could start at 630 or so.

I’m still torn on modifying the main cube up to 12 players (540 cards) or sticking with the plan of the Shadowmoor cube. I’d like to hear preferences on that as well.

Thank you all for coming to the cubes. I really enjoy them, and it’s a blast designing them and (over)thinking what to include.