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February Cube Update: Red

Red, especially red aggro is the color I always have the hardest time balancing.

So, for February, there may not be a lot of changes, but the ones so far are focused on red.


  1. Chandra, Flamecaller moves from testing to a permanent home.
  2. Goblin Darkdwellers moves from testing to a permanent home.
  3. Reckless Bushwacker moves from testing to a permanent home.
  4. Price of Progress – Not directly aimed at Justin’s style of decks, but with as many non basics as I include, Red should use a way to punish it.
  5. Incendiary Command – I love all the commands, and may eventually run all 10.
  6. Stone rain – ways to stop manlands, throw the non aggro player off their step.
  7. Sulfuric Vortex – I love lifelink and lifegain, but here needs to be some counterplay.


  1. Daretti, Scrap Savant
  2. Bosh, Iron Golem
  3. Slash Panther
  4. Taurean Mauler
  5. Rage Forger
  6. Curse of Stalked Prey
  7. Ion Storm

Daretti and Bosh are some of my pet cards, and I did well with them about 5-6 months ago. In the last 4 months, both have been sideboard cards 100% of the time.

Slash Panther was added last month to complete a cycle of phyrexian mana and add a red artifact.

The other 4 were to try to give red part of the +1 counter theme.  Ion Storm and Rage forger were both stuck in sideboards.  Taurean Mauler is a little slow and curse of stalked prey suffers in comparison to the green version.