Orbit Achieved

Last night, the Juno spacecraft managed to, after 5 years of travel, slip into orbit around Jupiter.  I recommend reading the linked article.  The details are impressive. http://arstechnica.com/science/2016/07/after-1-7-billion-miles-juno-nails-its-jupiter-orbit-to-within-tens-of-miles/

Sliding in the sky

http://designyoutrust.com/2016/07/sliding-down-the-skyslide-in-la/ I’m not scared of heights, but sliding down a glass slide on a skyscraper seems… challenging

Faster networks

Bell Labs Bell labs announces way to transmit 10gbps over regular phone cable. Ammitedly the distance is small, but this could eventually be useful.

What if… Dr. Who was American.

This Video Almost Convinces Us that American Doctor Who Actually Happened | Tor.com.   Dr. Who is one of the quintessential British shows, and I usually hate seeing them American-ized.  But oh, the thought of a Gene Wilder or Vincient Price doctor….