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Designing The Eldrazi Cube

The results of the poll were clear: Eldrazi Custom Cube

Now, I wanted to keep the feel of Rise of Eldrazi limited, that being “Battle Cruiser Magic”.    But I wanted to add a little bit of spice from other sets as well.

The basic Eldrazi mix:

Add 1 of each RoE card. Then add a second copy of each common.  Edit the list of cards, mainly the rares/mythics and take out the cards that are only good in constructed.

Third Time’s the Charm

For each color, I added a third copy of a common that I thought was needed to have more often.

W-Guard Duty
R-Heat Ray
G-Overgrown Battlement
G-Nest Invader

For green, I wanted the two best ramp options.  For each of the other colors, they get the type of removal that this set specialized in – removal that comes at a cost, meaning your battlecruisers aren’t wiped off the field by a 2 mana doom blade.


I knew I wanted a little more color fixing then the retail RoE experience. I also wanted to capture the flavor of all of Zendikar.
Each payer will get an Evolving Wilds and an Eldrazi Temple.
In the draftable cube, there is also the 5 refuges from Zen, the 5 Rare lands from Zen, the 5 manlands from WWK, and Eye of Ugin.

Multi Color

In RoE there is only one multi-color card, Sarkhan the Mad.  When looking at Zendikar flavored cards from other sets, I also added in Indrik Umbra and Zendikar Incarnate.  Once I did that, I felt I should include a card from the other two allied color pairs, UW and BU.

Narset Transcendant is the UW card, included in part because she gives cards rebound – an ability with premiered in RoE.

Essence Vortex is the UB card – fitting the theme of removal being avoidable or costly.


I didn’t want to leave just Gideon and Sarkhan, I decided to include the rest of the PW from the Zendikar block.  I replaced Nissa with her Origins version, because the Zendikar version is just bad.
I’m a little worried that Jace is too good, especially with being able to unsummon things with totem armors, but we will find out.


Landfall was one of the more iconic abilities from Zendikar, and it’s a returning keyword.  I wanted to include a cycle of cards with he ability, even though it was not in RoE.
The 7 I ended up with are:
W-Emeria Angel
U-Roil Elemental (Very strong but dies to virtually every removal spell included)
B-Ob Nixilis, the Fallen
R-Geyser Glider and Searing Blaze
G-Avenger of Zendikar
Colorless-Adventuring Gear

Priceless Treasures

One of the gimmicks of Zendikar was that of the first print run, Wizards had slipped some copies of really old cards – priceless treasures, including moxs and the like.  I wanted to capture this feel.  I added a cycle of 24 artifacts from Magic’s history.  Some really powerful, other less so.  I’ll go into more detail another time on them.