Hobby Lobby

I am stunningly disappointed in the Supreme Court. Today’s Hobby Lobby decision was a victory for pro-life groups, yes. But is was also a stunning loss for judicial consistency. If I, as a citizen, do not have the right to say war is immoral and not let my taxes go towards anything military, why does …

Theros Draft 4

So where did I go wrong here? I got great support cards for RW heroic, and never actually saw heroic creatures. I kept trying to force it based on my early pics, and refused to abandon fleet.

The Exploration of Geek Culture

A recent blog I have been very much enjoying – Some Wonderful Kind of Noise – is the ramblings of a 19-year old canadian.  A proto-geek, very much into tabletop gaming, but amazingly unexposed to most geek movies or TV. On the blog you get to see his reactions watching the classics for the first …

Dave Barry’s new career.

I loved Dave Barry’s book, Dave Barry on the Internet. The list of absurd acronyms to use in AOL chat rooms was particularly memorable. Thankfully, the FBI is also an aficionado of AAA (acronyms as art) and have compiled a list of “commonly used” twitter shorthand. ARS Article

Theros Block Draft #1: Drafting

So, last several Theros drafts, I keep finding myself going what I call “Greedy Green”. I fell in love with it after watching the Pro Tour. The idea is to heavy pick color fixing in Journey, and scoop up all the bombs in Born and Theros. Let’s see if I avoided it this time:

Momir: Starting at the top (15 cost)

There exist a total of 2 creatures in Magic that have a converted mana cost of 15. This presented a few issues. First, 2 cards is not enough for multiple players to hit (15). Second, the 2 cards are of drastically different power levels. At first, I “solved” the issue by having 3 of each. …