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Rediscovering Star Trek : TOS S01E10 : What Are Little Girls made Of

Wiki description: In search of Nurse Chapel’s fiancé, renowned exobiologist Roger Korby, the Enterprise visits the icy planet Exo III, where Korby has discovered an ancient machine which allows him to duplicate any living person with an android replacement. Korby plans to use the machine to spread controlled androids throughout the Federation, and replaces Captain Kirk with such a duplicate in an effort to take over the Enterprise.

  • Thoughts while watching:
  • Kirk always wanted to meet Roger Korby, one thing that gets lost in the flanderization of Kirk in pop culture is that he was a nerd.   He was a bookworm at the academy and had a deep admiration for scientists.   Picard was an archeologist, Sisko an engineer, Janeway a general scientist. Kirk was none of those, but there was a strong respect for and love of the sciences.
  • The zooming on faces during this first scene is as distracting as the Dutch angles DSC keeps using.
  • Wanting security is very rational and a wise decision.  Not as good as them coming to begin with…
  • Chapels uniform really shows off her legs.
  • Have another security officer beam down now so you don’t leave a security officer alone!
  • Chapel fell in love with her teacher.  Later she has (unrequited) love for Spock.  She like brainy men in authority.
  • Wow, I forgot Andreas costume was so… exotic.   Also not the most practical for an ice planet.
  • Kirk “overpowering” Andrea and rolling is just bad.
  • Enough with the zooms!
  • By saying Ruk killed against his wishes, Rodger is warning Kirk about going too far.
  • Real life , interacting sex dolls – another technology Star Trek predicted.
  • Of course Kirk loses his shirt to make an android.
  • Ok, the spinning was a little over done.  A; it made me dizzy trying to follow it.  B; it reminded me of a record player, and the combination of Shatner and a record player has yet to be a beneficial combination for anyone.  ( For the record, his cover of Bohemian Rhapsody is one of those works of art that goes past bad to good and then past that back to bad. )
  • That close up of Nurse Chapel’s insignia – I don’t recall seing the delta with a red cross on it again.
  • So far in just the first couple episodes Kirk has been duplicated twice.
  • In Datalore, Lore says that the Omicron colonists were scared of him, so Dr Soong  made Dat less human.  Stories like this episode would explain why they are scared.
  • Ok, seriously.  Did no one think that giving Captain Kirk a giant pink rock shaped like a penis was questionable?
  • The Kirk / Spock relationship works well here, with Spock knowing something is wrong.
  • Ruk says Kirk is inferior because he cannot be programmed – Kirk would argue the opposite, I believe.
  • Ted Cassady does an excellent job as Ruk.
  • So, several murders ending in a murder-suicide.  Very light hearted episode.


This is easily the strongest episode yet (in airdate order) in my opinion.  The formula is in full effect. The Kirk/Spock relationship, the Kirk flirting with sexy women.  It’s got more sex and violence then any average episode of other Star Trek shows, arguably even more then DSC.

Andrea’s costume I found more alluring then the Orion Slave women.

Not the last time that Star Trek will touch on the issue of is a machine capable of being alive.  Here it’s used more for horror at the thought of body doubles replacing people, but the episode never seems to side with Dr. Korby, in my opinion.  Instead Ruk and Andrea are portrayed as alive.