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ReDiscovering Star Trek : TOS S01E08 : Miri

Wiki description:  the Enterprise discovers an exact duplicate of Earth, where the only survivors of a deadly man-made plague are some of the planet’s children.

Thoughts While Watching:

  • First of a couple duplicate earths.
  • People make fun of JJ Abrams over use of lens flares (with good reason, Into Darkness was especially bad with this) but I find the shadows on the TOS bridge almost as distracting on a rewatch.  Janice’s mouth is almost obscured for no good reason here.  Even in black and white it doesn’t look great or interesting.
  • Decay of several centuries would put this 60s earth being in existence at our same time.  Their 60s were our 60s.
  • In a more modern, planned show these duplicate earths would be a fascinating mystery strand for a season or series arc.
  • Kirk swinging his bare fists right at the pus covered face  not a wise idea.  Too bad the Vulcan neck pinch wasn’t written yet.
  • A plague that wipes out billions of people leaving kids to fend for themselves is pretty horrific and dark.
  • I know it’s not meant to, but Kirk feels like he’s flirting with Miri.
  • Starfleet really should have better protocols for preventing airborne diseases in away missions.
  • At least they are acknowledging the ick factor of Kirk having to flirt with Miri.
  • DSC got lots of discussion over how gruesome the bodies were in 1×03.  Was this really better?
  • Janice gets to overact a bit
  • Supposedly Grace Lee Whitney asked for the miniskirt to show off her legs.  They seem mildly sexist now, but were a sign of empowerment then.
  • Most of the child actors are meh, but Kim Darby is really good. (she’s 19, but a believable 14-15 )
  • Janice is the damsel in distress needing to be rescued, but at least it’s not rape this time.
  • Great use of the theme when Kirk walks thru door.
  • Kids left to their own devices are creepy.  I say this as a parent of two.
  • McCoy injecting himself is daring, risky, stupid, and needed.  It also happens again on accident in City, but is a long tradition in starfleet.  (See also Lt Stamets).
  • I like how ragged Kirk’s uniform is as he comes it.  One of the more reasonable uniform years.
  • Space Central – the name of Starfleet at the moment. One of many names in the first season and thankfully mostly overlooked instead of an awkward retcon into how it actually fits.  (I’m sure it exists. I don’t want to know).
  • No Uhura in this episode.  No Scotty or Sulu either.
  • Many of the little kids were family of the cast.


In one of Shatner’s novels (actually decent thanks to the writing of the Reeves-Stevens) the discovery of Mitri’s earth prompts a paranoia in secret levels of Starfleet, due to the idea that that would require immense powers and abilities to be able to do.   This is an interesting thread and plot line for a future Star Trek show to explore.