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Rediscovering Star Trek : TOS S01E04 : The Naked Time

Wikipedia Description:

A strange, intoxicating infection, which lowers the crew’s emotional inhibitions, spreads throughout the Enterprise. As the madness spreads, the entire ship is endangered.

Thoughts while watching:

  • Frozen to death, decent effect
  • Silly looks of the bio suit aside, I really wish we saw this kind of thing more.
  • CrewmanJoe is an idiot. Repeat, crewman is an idiot.
  • Also suit designer is an idiot.  What good is a containment suit with an open hood.
  • Overly dramatic cut to Spock’s face with music!  Almost like the music knows the crewman is an idiot.
  • It’s rare to see the black shirt under the colored tunic.  I forget it’s not just a black collar on the suit sometimes.
  • “earth science” – still not starfleet or Federation yet
  • DrunkJoe is suicidal, ranting about how we aren’t meant to be out here.  Pretty dark.
  • Kirks log… “unknown to us”.  Is the log supposed to be written after the episode, but giving a real time look back at his thoughts?
  • Sickbay, and the bridge for that matter are a lot darker then I remember.  Heavy shadows.  Real world reasons probably relate to that many TV sets were still black and white, and needed contrast.   Still, makes the DSC lighting seem less out of place.
  • DrunkSulu almost seems like he’s flirting with Reilly.
  • Sexist comments about letting the women drive seem out of place now.
  • DrunkSulu, half naked, stroking his epee. Yeah, totally without double meaning now.
  • “Sorry, neither.” Is a great response to Sulu taking the “fair lady”.
  • Surprised that Scotty is wearing a sidearm. I guess it’s because he got locked out, but still seems odd.
  • The Enterprise has a bowling alley.
  • DrunkReily is rather sexist.
  • First appearance of the Jeffries tubes.
  • Lots of purple in the engine room.
  • DrunkChapel is somewhat racist while coming on to Spock all at the same time.
  • So far in 4 episodes we’ve had Yeoman Rand be subjected to sexual harassment or close to it thrice, and Spock practically three times.   We can forgive DrunkChristine since she literally can’t control herself, and same for the DrunkCrew blocking Janice, but Uhura was very unprofessional with Spock in Man Trap and Charlie X.
  • People talk about how some of the technology in ENT and DSC seem more advanced then TOS.  I respectfully submit the doors to the waiting room as counter evidence.  They are so smart they open automatically, realize Spock is having an emotional crisis AND remain shut for him to lean against.
  • The briefing room is our first real glimpse at Spock’s relationship with his parents, Kirks relationship with the Enterprise, and Shatner’s love affair with over acting.
  • Kirks uniform just tears at the slightest provocation.
  • And this is also why I’m confused. There is no black undershirt here.
  • The lighting on the bridge reminds me of DSC with so many shadows and light sources.
  • The glow on Spock’s hair at the end here is TOS’s lens flare.
  • And my one real complaint with the episode – don’t introduce time travel without a really, really good reason. Once you can do it here, why not other times.
  • Spock even brings up the possibilities.  It’s as big of a weapon as the spore drive.


Overall, a lot better of an episode then my comments may imply.  The advantage of an episode like this is we get to see deeper inside some characters then in a normal story.  It’s also part of the grand tradition of Star Trek of spending 40+ minutes on the problem, fixing it in the last 3 minutes with technobabble, and not addressing any of the resolution.  A scene of Kirk and McCoy discussing it over a bottle of whiskey (and enjoying being intoxicated by choice) or Kirk and Spock agreeing not to discuss it over chess would have been a nice end.