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Rediscovering Star Trek : TOS S01E03 : Mudd’s Women

Memory Alpha description:

The USS Enterprise chases an unregistered starship, a small class J cargo vessel. Fleeing, the ship approaches an asteroid belt with a Shiller rating of three-five. The small ship’s peril increases further when its desperate speed causes its engines to overheat.

Thoughts while Watching:

  • Harry Mudd has more style then on DSC
  • The computer works as a lie detector.  Convenient and conveniently forgotten, as I recall.
  • By the time of TNG, we have Troi, Geordi, and the computer (at a minimum).  Lying should be impossible on the Enterprise-D.
  • Money certainly seems to exist as of this episode.
  • McCoy is a ladies man, but his scientific curiosity comes first.
  • One great thing about the costumes in TOS; because there were restrictions on what could be shown, they were creative with giving hints.  A slit across the middle of the green dress…
  • The communicator has a fantastic range to be able to reach Rigel 12
  • Spock is willing to admit seeing beauty in the crystal. Of course, beauty is something that Vulcans admit exists, but a little surprising this early.
  • Eve’s why don’t you have a raffle and the loser gets me, mightbhave been more sympathetic of the leader of the miners hadn’t been interested in her and she pouted in the corner first.
  • Kirk snaps hard at Scotty.
  • At least the miner doesn’t try to take advantage of Eve when he carries her back to the cavern.
  • Ends with classic Kirk/Spock/McCoy banter


This is another episode that works equally as well as a Wagon Train as Star Trek. (Not a complaint).

Is it hard reconciling fat, jovial Mudd with the thinner, angrier DSC Mudd?   No, I don’t think so.  (At least for me. ).  Almost a decade separates them, and a lot changes in a decade, especially when one was being held by the Klingons.   Since DSC he know that he (at least) suffers a bad (from his perspective) marriage with Stella and runs away.  The fattening implies that he loves a life of relative comfort for a while.

Harry’s darkness from DSC seems blunted here, but there are hints.