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Momir: Starting at the top (15 cost)

There exist a total of 2 creatures in Magic that have a converted mana cost of 15.

Emrakul, the Aeons Torn
Autochthon Wurm

This presented a few issues.
First, 2 cards is not enough for multiple players to hit (15).
Second, the 2 cards are of drastically different power levels.

At first, I “solved” the issue by having 3 of each.  But since we have added home-made cards for the other slots, I wanted to add some to this.

As such, here are 7 cards, making it 9 possible hits.  I tried to use Emrakul more as the power level, leaving the warm as the “miss” for the random selection.

All 15 cost cards should basically say “I win” or at least “target player loses”.  To hit 15 mana is an achievement.  If no mana dorks or card draw are played, then normally a player will “curve out” at 8.  To hit 15 means either keeping your ramp alive, lots of card draw, skipping several spots on the curve, or most likely – a combination of the above.

Each color gets a new entry, as does colorless and WUBRG.

  1. Elesh Norn Router of Enemies
    Her name can be changed, but when I saw what has become one of my favorite art pieces in all of MTG, I knew that it would find a place in Momir.  Elesh cleanses the board, bringing the purity of Phyrexia. Then she caps your opponents.  If they were on the same mana curve as you, they then are capped at (10).   If they relied on mortal creatures to help themselves reach your lofty heights, well, you showed them the error of their ways.
  2. Meyrln Magister of Metamorphosis
    If white is death and taxes, what should blue bring?   Massive card draw is less important when you are at the pinnacle of your mana curve, and the other colors tend to get a sort of reset button.  Blue evokes Mass Polymorph.  The numbers are very open to tweaking here, but I thought (2) was an appropriate level for your opponents, letting them bear the brunt of this magical misfortune, while you aren’t quite getting dragons, but something of a decent body at least.
    P.S.- Merlyn is such a bad aim, he polymorphs himself too.
  3. Grrrr Arrrgh
    From Chris Beans comes Black’s entry into the ultimate showdown.  At -6/-6, he should wipe out most other creatures, and leave you with a decent sized army for the following turn.
  4. Dracarys Fire of Freedom
    Insurrection has long been a card that wins Commander games, it should win a few momir games too.
    Credit: Chris Beans
  5. Shadrik Wilderness Enraged
    Green is honestly the one I’m least happy with.  Greens biggest strength is usually mana ramp – also fairly irrelevant at (15) unless you want to be able to summon something else this turn as well, but that didn’t feel right for green.  When in doubt, OverrunCraterhoof Behemoth in-a-can works.
  6. Semsain Mirror to All
    Strong enough on her own to take on most comers, and makes sure you aren’t losing the momir race.
  7. Kozilek Butcher of Mortals
    I ran across this old fat pack image, and knew Kozilek must have two cards.  He doesn’t follow all of the tempting of the other titans, mainly because they don’t all work like they should in Momir.  What I like is he makes your opponents think really hard about if to spend mana next turn.
    Kozilek is still the old template, because the set editor I use to make these doesn’t have a clear template with the M15 look.