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May Cube: Early design thoughts

For May, I plan on switching back to the Shard based cube. Hopefully I’ll write a couple spotlights about the different themes.

The biggest change however, will be in the mana base. I haven’t 100% decided what it will be, but I am cutting the fixing in almost half.

Right now in both cubes I currently run 4 cycles of duals (duals, fetches, shocks, man-lands) and the relevant tri-lands.

Regardless of player, 5-color goodstuff has been a consistent finisher in the top 2 for many, many months. Too many.

I want to allow that archetype, but it needs to have a little risk. Right now each pack has on average 2 mana fixers, so if each player just kept the number they opened, that would be 6 fixing lands. And they don’t so the 5c player can end up with lots of mana fixing at a not high priority pick choice.

Starting with May, I am cutting it to 2 10 land cycles, (tentatively fetches and duals) and 4 gold lands such as City of Brass, Terramorphic Expanse, etc. this will reduce the average to one per pack.

5c will still be doable, but will require lands as higher picks, It also allows the other drafters to have a better chance at cutting the strategy (both on purpose and by taking lands they need themselves.)