home Magic Dragons of Tarkir prerelease: my deck

Dragons of Tarkir prerelease: my deck

I went Kolaghan under the theory that people would durdle for dragons.
I planned on hitting them hard and early. For the most part it worked. I splashed blue thanks to 2 Evolving Wilds for Torrent Elemental.

Evolving Wilds
Hardened Berserker
Bathe in Dragonfire
Thunderbreak Regent
Screamreach Brawler
Sarkhan’s Rage
Tail Slash
Kolaghan Aspirant
Kolaghan Stormsinger
Coat with Venom
Gurmag Angler
Reckless Imp
Pitiless Horde
Kolaghan Skirmisher
Typhoid Rats
Blood-Chin Rager
Hand of Silumgar
Ultimate Price
Boltwing Marauder
Torrent Elemental