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Discovering Star Trek : DSC S01E11 : The Wolf Inside

Memory Alpha description: Still stranded in the mirror universe, Burnham must try to save the lives of a group of rebels whom she is ordered to destroy by the Terran Empire while maintaining her cover as her counterpart. Meanwhile, a growing terror within Lieutenant Tyler consumes him and threatens the chances of the Discovery returning home.

  • I love the effects and pan around and into the ship.
  • Glad they didn’t go cliche route of killing off the engineer who found Stamets.
  • Even the light is different – some say proof of Lorca being from MU (hope not), but followed by The cosmos has lost it’s brilliance – feels more metaphorical.  When we first meet Burnham, before her universe crumbled, she was in rapturous joy bathing in the the sunlight of the binary stars in her exosuit.   She was surrounded by, and a part of Starfleet that loved discovering.  This is a different place, with different people. The art becomes a reflection of the viewer.
  • Everywhere I turn, there’s fear – cue Saru
  • A slave has no name – oh, my poor Saru
  • Props to Soniqua, that shot of her in the bath, you can see the tears she wants to cry for mSaru.
  • Was mSaru’s surprise at his name that she knew his actual name, that she gave him a name at all, or that she gave him a Kelpian name.
  • Michael and Saru leave so much unsaid during their conversation.
  • Michael Burnham, driving home that Starfleet means doing the right thing.
  • Clearly the rebels could have killed the landing party. Why didn’t they?  Why trust a Terran?
  • mVoq seems to think that they could survive the initial assault.
  • I’m glad they didn’t overdo the mind meld, but it had to be *odd* for mSarek to see parts of notHimself.
  • I like mSarek changing midsentence, “I see a world,” – best not to dive down the rabbit hole of universes.
  • Voq says T’Kuvma wanted their race to rise to dominance over the Galaxy.   Nice to see him self aware enough that remaining Klingon is just the beginning.
  • And in things coming full circle, Saru said he failed to protect his captain.  mSaru succeeded.
  • I imagine that where Stamets injected himself with spores out of compassion, mStamets did it out of ego and desire.
  • The mShenzhou transporter consoles looks a lot like the TOS ones, just with some touch bars.
  • So Discovery was lurking close enough to be able to beam AshVoq aboard without the mShenzhou noticing?
  • If not for getting the data over, would she have let him die?  And would she have been wrong?
  • Now that’s an orbital bombardment.


I love when Star Trek gets poetic about exploration.   When people say that DSC doesn’t feel like Star Trek, I look at Burnham’s relationship with star light and disagree.

I was very skeptical, after DS9 over did the Mirror Universe that returning there as early as the first season of a new show was a mistake.    So far, 2 episodes in and the writers deserved more faith on my part.

The best use of the mirror universe is showing that the people we know could have been very different.   (Nature/nurture debate).

My first viewing, I liked the episode, but so much of it was confirming things we had guessed, it didn’t really click. (Could also have been my flu).

On rewatching, the opening scene is poetry, and the show is doing fantastic at paying off their setups.