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Discovering Star Trek : DSC S01E10 : Despite Yourself

Memory Alpha description: While in unfamiliar territory, the USS Discovery crew is forced to get creative in their next efforts to survive opposing and unprecedented forces and return home.

Thoughts while watching:

  • I don’t remember how much the fed knew about Organia before errand of mercy.
  • Even though we know why, it’s funny to watch Discovery get a Vulcan hello.
  • With all the references to a palace, I almost hope we don’t go there. A little too much foreshadowing.
  • Stamets has no problems tossing Culber around. Is he developing more powers then just seeing other times and realities?
  • Jason issacs does great non verbal acting.
  • I like the worker drone interface.
  • L’Rell reminds me a lot of Lursa and B’Etor, her mannerisms…
  • So, as Was deduced, Ash Tyler is Voq. I’m curious to see if he will make it out of this season. I don’t see how he can remain with the Discovery, and I actually find I will miss him.
  • Isilk for your thoughts – see discussion
  • This Terran Empire seems a little more Terran centric then Mirror Mirror implies, but that’s not contradictory. Spock could easily be an exception because he’s half human. And indeed, OurSpock rebelled against Sarek by joining Starfleet, perhaps MirrorSpock did the same.
  • I could watch this Capitan Tilly / Scottish engineer scene over and over.
  • I wonder what mischief ISS Discovery will be up to in our universe.
  • Does that Discovery have a spore drive?
  • The Emperor is going to be someone we know. I think there’s 4 possibilities: (Georgeau, the Admiral (both should be Empress), Harcourt Fenton Mudd, or my long shot guess – Saru
  • Much of what we know and all that the crew knows about the mirror universe so far in the episode comes from enemy data cores. even if they mean to be objective, there’s going to be bias.
  • I like the holographic mirror. There’s a couple big things separating DSC holograms and TNG. First is we have yet to see any tactile interaction. Second, is the smells. Part of what makes the holodecks so wonderful is that you feel as if you are truly there. You can fall in a creek, feel the dust on an old desk, be a chef and smell the food you cook… DSC is far closer to our technology then TNG.
  • “I would cut out your tongue and use it to lick my boots.” – Tilly falls into her role a little too well, but is very, very watchable.
  • Culber is an idiot for taking a meeting like this alone.
  • I’m reserving judgement on if this is too cliche of a kill the family member of a main cast until we see the end of the story arc.
  • I like Lorca’s jacket.
  • Hopefully Lorca’s “last time you call me captain” isn’t too foreshadowing.
  • One of the best fight scenes in ST.


I was skeptical about returning to the mirror universe yet again, and especially so soon in the life of the show, before we know our characters too well. DS9 especially seemed to take it way too far and too campy. ENT had a good two part episode, but it didn’t deal with our universe, so there was no real meaning or contrast.

So far, DSC is off to a fantastic start. By starting the season with the racism and nationalism of T’Kuvma and now contrasting it with terrans doing the same thing.

One of humanity’s greatest mistakes is repeatedly assuming that people that do evil things are different from the rest of us. What I mean by that, is there’s a constant assumption that things like the Holocaust couldn’t happen here (in America), or that we have thoroughly put the sins of the past behind us.

The mirror universe is a great tool for illustrating that the kind, good people we know could have been different, done evil things.

Isilk time:

Human culture seems to have a way of infecting alien cultures. Whether it’s sayings “isilk for your thoughts”, proverbs “Only Nixon could go to China”, writers (Shakespeare). This could just be sloppy or humorous, but I think it fits with Quark and Garak’s root beer, Eddingtons monologue, and T’Kuvma’s fear. Humanity is like the Borg. They have assimilated countless cultures into their own, and the result is stronger then on their own. Even more then that, the assimilation is so complete, the cultures take pride in it.

(I also have a half-joking theory that the real first contact with the Klingons was when Klingon author K’espre crashed on Earth in the 1600s but that’s another day)

And here in the Mirror universe we see the dark reflection of Humanity conquering it all, later to be undone by the product of that cultural blending, MirrorSpock and then the KCA.

Which, really, one of the messages of Star Trek is strength through diversity. IDIC. And of all the enemies of the Federation, the only two that have actually posed an extinction level threat are twisted reflections of that diversity; the Borg who assimilate and the Dominion who also are multi-race, while subservient to the founders.