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Discovering Star Trek : DSC S01E09 : Into the Forest I Go

Memory Alpha:Bypassing Starfleet’s orders, Lorca uses the USS Discovery crew’s ultimate asset, the ship itself, in an effort to end the war with the Klingons once and for all.


Thoughts while watching:

  • Not sure I love the name “Ship of the Dead” still being used.  Would hope Starlet Intel would have determined the real name.
  • This Lorca is a captain that you would follow.  Very Kirk in that he’s not exactly disobeying orders, but not exactly following.
  • Poor Stamets, the med exam is not what he wanted.
  • Lorca’s behavior during the briefing is great.  Surprise, disbelief, acceptance, and then going with it.]
  • This type of sacrifice is something I have no issue with a captain asking of his crew.  It changes the war, and critically, he’s asking, not ordering.
  • This episode makes me hope I’m wrong and that Lorca doesn’t go full villain by the end.  I want to see him get a chance to be an explorer again.
  • Lorca has some hidden reason to be so protective of Burnham.
  • Lorca gives good motivational speeches.
  • While I know it wouldn’t fit canon, I would have liked Kol’s motivational speech to have some Shakespeare quote to his men. (We don’t really know when it was translated into the original Klingon. )
  • The Ash flashback scenes are clearly surgical modifications, not just torture.
  • Nice to see the universal translator at work and based in the communicator.
  • Seeing the Klingons speak english made me wish they did it all the time.  Never would have thought that before this series.
  • Klingons will always be able to be manipulated by honor.
  • At least the Vulcan martial arts scenes help explain why Burnham could survive against Kol.
  • It’s always been odd that some one can jump into someone else’s transporter bean and there be no ill effects, but this is consistent.
  • Lorca manages to make putting in eye drops look cool.
  • “Come home, get a medal. Terms and conditions may apply.”  *Conditions may include being promoted to a place you cannot do damage (the “Janeway maneuver”) or being removed as Captain of a Starship.
  • If Ash is Voq, does that lessen the talk of male rape?   Or does it still work because of his perception of it being real.
  • Lorca lies to Stamets.  He didn’t (at least on screen) say to give him the medal.
  • Lots of Dramatic Foreboding in the Lorca/Stamets scene.  One last jump is the Blac Alert version of Last Day Before Retirement.
  • La Boheme is opera that *Rent* was (supposedly) based on.  *Rent* of course being the best known roles for both Stamens and the Doctor.
  • Lorca actually changes the coordinates himself.
  • If they had jumped into the mirror universe, the stars *should* be in the same place.


Well, that didn’t go how I expected after part one.    I’m both glad and disappointed by that.

I would have expected the Pahvans to play some part in the episode, and was really expecting them to be destroyed.   They weren’t, I’m glad of that, but it seemed to be how it was heading.

Lorca has come a long way at being a likable captain, even if he makes some bad choices.

The talking about exploring and discovering the secrets of the universe works almost too well and makes me really want those stories.

It was a much more satisfying place to stop for the holiday beak then last week would have been.


The title comes from a poem, “Into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul”.

There are several people that can apply to:

  • Stamets is losing his mind, but seems very calm before his Last Jump before Retirement
  • Burnham should have achieved major catharsis by now, having come to terms with her mistakes that started the war.
  • Ash Tyler is very much losing his mind right now, and may be finding his (Klingon) soul.


Next week: Discovery takes a break for the next month and a half, so I start on a TOS rewatch.