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Discovering Star Trek : DSC S01E07 : Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad

MemoryAlpha recap:
Harry Mudd uses a time crystal to trap Discovery inside a time loop in a attempt to figure out the starship’s secret and sell the ship to the Klingons. Paul Stamets is able to exist outside of the loop and figures out his plan. In the end, Mudd is handed over to Stella and her father.


Notes while watching:

  • Right into the show, no cold open
  • Starts with a personal log
  • She’s starting to warm up
  • Party is different from most St parties
  • Man in wheelchair, navigator with face part –
  • 2000 more dead
  • Love hippy Stamets
  • Starfleet is still starfleet, even in war. Time to help space whales cross streets.
  • Was Mudd’s helmet made for an andorian?
  • I like the twist that the POV character Isn’t the one aware of the time loop.
  • Stamets must have gone thru the loop a few times already.
  • Each time Mudd improves and makes it quicker.  There’s someway he took over the computer.
  • Love how Lorca is unconcerned about of the whale is a fish or not.
  • So many wonderful toys – Lorca is Batman, confirmed.
  • I enjoyed the Lorca’s bad day montage, but is this the first montage in any of the tv shows?  (I know Beyond had one at the end).
  • The montage is also one of the rare moment s in Star Trek that isn’t literal.  Since Mudd is looping, he isn’t literally walking out and shooting another Lorca, it’s a new loop.  That gives a little credence to the idea that the courtroom in Battle of the Binary Stars was not literally cloaked in shadows.
  • Stamets and Burnham dancing might just be one of my favorite scenes in the show so far.  I’m not exactly sure why, but I love the moments on the shows that work as plays. Two actors, just… connecting.
  • Burnham has made great advances since last week.  She is very different then the wanna-be Vulcan from the first episode, or the defeated prisoner.   She’s coming into her own.
  • The dancing crew at the party was very diverse.  Several aliens, and a female couple.
  • “This nights gotten weird… but also very interesting.”
  • sci-fi shows like playing with first kisses.  The main characters in Babylon 5 also experience their first kiss in a non-linear manner.
  • Time crystals are not completely made up – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Time_crystal
  • Saru’s ganglia don’t seem to go off – perhaps they are confused by Mudd’s time warping.
  • Harry’s getting tired from not sleeping.
  • Mudd is very Q like in his hand gestures, Mon Capitatine
  • Some would argue that Mudd didn’t want to particularly kill anyone, except for Lorca at least.
  • The other ship was very TOS like, as were the civilian clothes.
  • If Ash does turn out to be Voq (and “I’m not going anywhere” doesn’t help alleviate that) I’m actually going to be sad to see him go, after just a couple episodes.
  • This felt much like a normal Star Trek episode, for good and bad.



I like the modern trend of tighter TV seasons, and some of the filler episodes of Star Trek have been the worst, but also some of the best.  DS9’s two best episodes (IMO) are Duet and The Visitor, and only Duet is tied into the overall arc at all.  I was hopeful that DSC could find a good balance between arc and non-arc.   With last week and this – I think they have.

What didn’t I like?  well, time travel is always tricky, and there’s implications to this technology being out there, and in the hands of a relative no one.

I think the loop should have been longer then 30 minutes to make it more believable for Harry to get that far.

It was fun, and best not to try and look too close at time travel episodes, since they all have flaws (“All Good Things” included, with tachyon bean errors).   The big question for me is how well will this episode age.