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Cube: Utility land draft: Color Fixing


So the idea of a utility land draft is something I read about in the cube forums over on riptide labs.

The basic theory is this:

  • There are lots of great lands in magic
  • Many of them are easily worth a slot in your deck
  • Many of those are not worth a pick in the draft, or taking up a slot in a 400 card cube.

After the main draft is over, the players get to rotisserie draft the pile of utility lands.
This month the pile of utility lands looked like:

  • The 10 pain lands.
  • The 10 Theros temples
  • Evolving Wilds + Terramorphic Expanse
  • The 10 cycle lands
  • The 6 mirrodin artifact lands
  • the 10 lands with abilities from Innistrad block
  • a few others

Each person got 4 picks, limit of 1 being a color fixing land (Pain or temple). The idea there is that the cube draft is where you should be focusing on your color fixing, this is a bit of a safety net.
Most of the rest of the cards are good for supporting a narrow strategy (the artifact lands help the artifact.dec)

Next cube, to speed things up a little bit the color fixing from the utility draft has been expanded and put in its own special pack that will be passed.
After the main draft is complete, player 1 will get a pack consisting of cards like the following:

Bounceland of Choice

Checkland of Choice Ally

Dual Filter of Choice

Fastland of Choice

Hybrid Filter of Choice

Lifeland of Choice

Painland of Choice Ally

Panorama of Choice

Slowfetch of Choice

Storage land of Choice

Temple of Choice Enemy

Verge of Choice

This lets everyone get 1 color fixing land from a cycle and things move quick. (These cards are of course replaced with the appropriate real land from the cycle for the actual draft.)
For any of the lands that are part cycles (The scars fast lands, etc) I have completed the cycle.

Different decks will of course want different cycle.  Agree will want the mainlands, control the temples, ramp the bounce or verges

After this then we will move to the rest of the utility draft with player 8 getting first pick.