Chris Beans’ Draft

   Pack 1 pick 1:   Chris Beans’ Pick: [livefyre_livecomments article_id=”nov16cubepl41″]    Pack 1 pick 2:   Chris Beans’ Pick: [livefyre_livecomments article_id=”nov16cubepl42″]    Pack 1 pick 3:   Chris Beans’ Pick: [livefyre_livecomments article_id=”nov16cubepl43″]    Pack 1 pick 4:   Chris Beans’ Pick: [livefyre_livecomments article_id=”nov16cubepl44″]    Pack 1 pick 5:   Chris Beans’ Pick: [livefyre_livecomments article_id=”nov16cubepl45″]    Pack 1 pick 6: …

Trek’s Deck

  RW reanimator is one of the new themes I was trying. I went 1-2, but I can say that it was one of the most fun decks I’ve done recently. My favorite was one turn where I reanimated Angel A that brought back Angel B, then brought back Angel C at end of turn.