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archetype spotlight: Splinter twin

So, this is the first of several articles I intend to write, highlighting certain interactions or combos in the cube.  For long time players, some of these may be obvious.


This first is a new addition to my cube.

The idea is to make infinite creatures with haste and swarm the opponent.

There are two halves to the equation.

First, either Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Shaman or Splinter Twin.  This is the copy effect.

Second, the creature being copied.  Traditionally this is a red/blue deck, but I have spread it among 4 colors.

*Restoration Angel only works with Kiki, not splinter twin.

Use Kiki/Splinter Twin to copy one of the above creatures.  Use the copied creature to uncap Kiki/The creature with Splinter twin on it.  Repeat until you have a virtual swarm of creatures.

If pestermite or Restoration Angel, you can flash them in at the end of your opponent’s turn, then untap, play your Kiki/Splinter and go to town.

Restoration Angel is a high pick for any white deck, but the other 3 are lower on the totem pole.

Both Kiki and Splinter Twin should be taken early if available.

Most decks for this combo will be using the combo as an alternate win condition if it comes together.